PharmaDigital produces Training Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry.

We provide to you a Business Model that is a Paradigm Shift within the industry.


PharmaDigital Communications has a track record of exceptional quality and service developing training programs for the Life Sciences industry.   Our firm was started six years ago by Jim Morris, PharmaDigital’s president, who saw a need for a new business model to service the complex sales training requirements of pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  After working for two “Brick and Mortar” sales training companies and experiencing the problems inherent in on-site asset based business models, PharmaDigital Communications was started.

Focus of Services

  • POA Meetings
  • Digital Audio Programs
  • Teleconference Programs
  • eLearning
  • Sales Training Print Modules
  • Managed Care Training
  • Reimbursement Training
  • Clinical Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Curriculum Development


1. PharmaDigital TEK

  • Technology Tools

2. PharmaDigital MCT

  • Managed Care Training

3. PharmaDigital CORE

  • Sales Rep Core Training



Our Team

jim-morrisLead by president Jim Morris, PharmaDigital Communications is a collaboration of leading experts in the the pharmaceutical and biotech training industry.  With an average of 17+ years of experience in managed care training, pharmaceutical sales force training, and project management, PharmaDigital Communications is your one stop shop for cost-effective implementation of your complex and time-sensitive project needs. 

PharmaDigital Communications is a world leading provider of highly specialized training solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Our network of highly trained and experienced professionals delivers cost-effective results that save time and money. PharmaDigital Communications has made a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical sales training and biotech industry by moving away from an in-house asset based business model that, at times, can be expensive to those companies housing such talent.  Moving into the new millennium PharmaDigital Communications has built a network of skilled, experienced, and top rate professionals that can meet your pharmaceutical and biotech sales training needs with flexible and hard working individuals who work on a per-project basis.  Because of this flexibility, we are able to see a project from start to finish without the extra overhead associated with staff salaries. Our extensive network of independent contractors, consultants, subject matter experts (SME) and freelancers is the core of the PharmaDigital solution. Because our employees all work on contract, they aim to deliver the best results without any down time.  Pharma Training is our specialty with an emphasis on using technology to make project management streamlined and easy-to-use.    We have a proven track record of high-quality and timely execution to keep costs low with results that speak for themselves.